"Saskatchewan Amateur Radio Swap and Shop!" - Updated:  July 24/20

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This page is provided for ham radio operators to buy, sell, or trade amateur radio equipment on a non-commercial basis.
In the interests of clarity and brevity, listings may be edited by the webmaster.
The list is updated as changes are received, however, delays of 1 or 2 days may occur.
Accuracy of For Sale items described is the responsibility of the seller
Ads will be posted for 2 months, and can be extended by contacting me before the expiry date listed in your ad.
Name, call sign, and preferred contact info must be included.

For Sale:

- Diawa double antenna switch  - $5

- Baofeng UV-5R VHF/UHF FM handheld with manual and charging stn.
No belt clip - $20

Bill VA5CW
Email: cwfbs2@gmail.com

expires:  Sept 18/20

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