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Wanted Items
FOR SALE LIST :   (Some pictures are links to a larger view.)
From the Estate of Malcolm McLeod (VE5ZG)  

- MFJ-1270C/1274 TNC 2 Packet Radio Controller.  
Included is a power adaptor, cable, and Instruction Manual (copyright 1993). - $35

- Pakratt 232MBX -  $100

- Astatic D104 Ceramic Desk Microphone    $125

- Kenwood MC-80 Microphone   $125

- Yaesu Microphone   $10

- RigBlaster Pro Computer Sound Card Interface with Instruction book, CD, and power supply   $100

- Uniden BC-855XLT 50 Channel Scanner (29 MHz – 956 MHz) with operating guide and A/C adapter  $60

- NEC Mobile Speaker    $15

Mask required to view items

Contact Shirley:
(306) 586-4582
Email: shirlster_2000@yahoo.com

For Sale by VAL - VE5ACJ

1. Squeeze Ele-Key. Model EK-150. Excellent Unit. Katsumi E.ectronic Co. Ltd. (Keyed Line-Own Made). 3000 to 8 OHM. $80.00.

2. Heathkit Model AW-8 Transceiver.Good condition, $100.00

Mods done.
i) S0-239 plug
ii) Rev Polarity Project
iii) Q1 replaced by MPF102
iv) Selectivity switch replaced by 25K Pot. 50,000 poor performance.

3. B&K Model 290 Deluxe electronic Multimeter. $100.00.

4. Yaesu Dynamic Mic Model MD-100A8A. $100.00

5. 320 ft- S.I.W. Type RG 213/U – 50 OHMs. NEW. Sold

6. 2-25 ft welding cable set 7/16”, copper. Welds at 270. $40.00.
Weight: 14 lbs. Due to weight, this item is for Sask. resident’s only-must be picked up in Moose Jaw.

7. Philco Chapel Radio T.R.F. Model 50. 5-tube. .55 Watts 40-60 cycle. 115 cycle. Completely finished. Inside tubes have all been replaced. Works excellent. Beautiful sound. Schematic diagram included. $100.00.
Weight. 19.1 lbs. Due to weight, this item is for Sask. resident’s only-must be picked up in Moose Jaw. (no refund after testing in MJ if you take it home)

8. General Electric Floor Radio. Model GM-76-540-1750. All new tubes. Needs someone to restore it’s outside beauty. $100.00
- This weighs 62 lbs. Due to weight, this item is for Sask. resident’s only, and must be picked up in Moose Jaw. (no refund after testing in MJ if you take it home)


For More information, please contact
Val - VE5ACJ/VE5AQ or Harv - VE5AC


Photos of all are available upon request, or you may go to www.sarl.ca then go to the swapnshop page to view.

Posted May 8/2021

For Sale by George - VE4XR

Icom R-7000 receiver
25Mhz to 1.2Ghz, multi mode,
new memory battery,
excellent condition.
$375 shipping within Canada included

George - VE4XR
Posted May 6/21

For Sale by Greg - VE5GW

The following equipment is in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted, and is being sold as a package for $1500.00. 
I am not breaking items up at the moment.

This is an ideal opportunity for someone who wants to upgrade their station, starting out in the hobby, or wanting to divide the equipment up and resell some, or all of it

Photos of items available on request.

Kenwood TS-440S - complete with microphone, original brochure, instruction manual, original packing box, and metal carrying case. Compact in size with automatic antenna tuner. Good for mobile or base station use. The TS-440s covers all the amateur bands from 160 to 10 metres, including the 30, 17 and 12 meter bands, and reception on any frequency from 100 kHz to 30 MHz.

Twinlead J-Pole antenna – homebrew

Diamond Super Gainer 2m/70cm dual band mobile whip antenna, SG7500 complete with trunk lip mount and coax - there is a small cosmetic bend at the top of the antenna

Diamond MX-72D duplexer

Hustler 2 meter antenna and magmount

Hustler 2 meter antenna

Hustler folding mast for resonators for deck or fender mounting, and folds at roof line 15 inches above the base. It has a shake proof clutch sleeve and 3.8 inch x 24 threaded stainless steel base

(1((1) Proam mag mount and 2m antenna  (2) Valour mag mount and 2 m antenna  (3) mag mount and 70 cm antenna  (4) Anli hi-flux mag mount

High Sierra antenna and antenna control (home brew meter and switches)

Home-brew High Sierra antenna

Home-brew antenna mount - with adjustable coil

Hustler Standard Resonators: RM-15, RM-17, RM-20 (two resonators), RM-40, RM-80

Hustler Super Resonators: Super RM-40-S, Super RM-75-S

Carrying case suitable for most of the antennas and accessories.

Assortment of whips

Rotatable dipole (20 metres?)

Coax and connectors: Note: All coax is from indoor locations, and was not subject to weathering.
- RG 8U - with and without connectors (lengths approximate)

- RG 58U - with and without connectors (lengths approximate)

Coax Connectors (seven PL259 male, 11 barrel, 7 right angle; 4 BNC,2 N connects, numerous antenna base connectors, porcelain antenna insulators, fuse holders, and more!

Antenna Tuning, Switches, Filters, etc:

Power Supplies:


Mikes and Headphones:


Gregg - VE5GW
(306) 585-1502

Email: gbabish@accesscomm.ca

Posted May 8/2021

For Sale by Terry - VE5TLW

- Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver (manual, original box & accessories)  $1150.00
- Yaesu FT-817 QRP trasciever (manual original box & accessories)  $650.00
- RIGBlaster Plus computer interface  $85.00
- LDG RCA-14 breakout box  $50.00
- MFJ-1704 coax switch  $60.00
- Triplett 666R vintage VOM (original case & test leads)  $100.00
- Bencher Low Pass filter Model YA-1  $45.00
- Xantrex Xpower 1000 Watt inverter $225.00

Local pick up, or reply with Postal Code for shipping quote
Buyer responsible once article is shipped
Insurance optional at buyer's request & cost


Terry (VE5TLW)
306-586-1810 (landline)
306-5373221 (cell)
email: twhite@sasktel.net

Expires July25/21

For Sale by John - VE5JRP

Kenwood TS-530S - sold pending funds
Everything works, as far as I know.
Last used to check into a few 80m nets.
Asking $300 plus shipping..


Kenwood TS-830S - sold pending funds
Everything works as it should, except the fan.
Last used to check into the SK, MB, and AB nets
Asking $400 plus shipping

These are used items.
They power up and work fine as far as I know.
Any issues I know of have been stated. Sold as is, no guarantees.

For more information, contact:
John - VE5JRP
306-799-4549 home
306-681-3413 cell
Email: prince200@sasktel.net 

Expires July 6/21

For Sale by Wayne - VE5EB

I have 
an FLDX 2000 watt linear with tuner $1,000

I have an old Hallicrafters"Sky Buddy" you can have for $50

Items sold as is. Buyer responsible for shipping charges.

Any questions, please contact me at:
Wayne - VE5EB

Ph. or text. 306-980-9211

Expires June 20/21


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